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Fun times with horses and friends

Isn't that what all the hard work is for?

coach for all the effort she puts in_ 🤗

The best coach

doesn't mind teaching me in the cold weather!  Much respect, JJ

the legend, Essex

My story is not complete without the inclusion of Essex, a Hanoverian owned by my friend Christine.  This was taken when I was 10, just before I found my first horse, and Essex was showing at Lamplight.  He was an international level jumper and the first warmblood I ever had the privilege to sit on.  Never to be forgotten.

You never stop learning, Rachael, myself, JJ Tate and Chris Hassler after our lesson

Never stop learning!

Rachael, myself, JJ Tate and Scott Hassler after our great lesson in Wellington.

Winners all!

These ladies work so hard and it paid off!


Some DEV riders

enjoying our time together at Medieval Times.  Too bad our knight didn't win!

The master, Charles de Kunffy

His classical teachings are timeless and spot on.  "The horse is always right" Huge thanks to JJ for offering the opportunity to lesson with Charles.


Rachael & I at my hometown 4th of July parade 

Spreading the word about dressage!

Schooling some cross country with the Team!

Let me share what I have learned!

Succeed where I have failed. Find new wa

Going over the course

There are a lot of steps involved to progress in your riding, and each step builds on the other.

Trail ride day

Doing something different with your horse is a really great way to refresh the soul.

Congratulations to Alec and Catie Cole f

Alec owning the cross country course at 23!

Alec found love a second time when he met this youngster!  They put in the work and brought home a ribbon at their first FRVPC horse trial!

Illinois.  Snow schmow.

The footing was perfect, so why not ride?  Rachael loves a fresh approach, and frankly so do I.  Make the most of what you have to work with!


Catie and Alec schooling cross country

Fingers crossed the upcoming summer has great weather for us to get out and school

Horses are fun: Tips & Advice

*** A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care- A lesson taught by Rachael aka Sandro Simian ***



Proud to be an American Woman Business Owner!

The Hannoverarner Verband

I was fortunate to be selected to go to Germany for several months and work as an auction horse rider for the Verband.  Being exposed to masters of the art of dressage and working with young horses is a career-building experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

#Repost Hannoveraner Verband e.V.jpe

Never too young or too old

to appreciate the feeling of being a partner with a 1,000 pound animal.  One good experience at a time lends itself to a lifetime of memories.

I appreciate the hard work

of my students like Kendall and give them personal attention to achieve their goals


Team work

makes the dream work!
Rylie & Sprite <3

When all the lessons and hard knocks

give you the best feeling in the world!

Catie & Al going flawlessly down the line

Missing Cece...__Normantown show group 2

Horse girls 

are the best girls!


Four off the floor at Lamplight

Danielle Ponies-Danielle-0110.jpg

Laugh and dance

like no one is watching ... no judgment

Big believer

in pasture turnout.  Happy horses are more productive


Just a Grand Prix mare

out for a run in the field.  This type of activity is what clicked her heart open to show again.  Think out-of-the-box


praise the horse for it is such a gift they give.

essex KY.jpg

Essex and I at the Horse Park in Kentucky.

Talent oozed from his soul.  So appreciative for all he taught me.

Horses are fun: Tips & Advice
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